Node: background NPM start error: mongooseserverselection error: connect econnrefused

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Hello, I’m mabbago

This morning, I was ready to open the project continuation code, but I suddenly reported an error: mongoose server selection error: connect econrefused

The error code is roughly like this:
(to illustrate, the picture is from the blogger. Thank you for your tips, otherwise I don't know the problem. Because it was handled at once, and I didn't have time to take a screenshot of the content of my own error report, which was the same as his, so I borrowed the picture)

this made me confused, and I had been doing well all the time. Why did I suddenly report an error

Then we checked Baidu and found that mongodb service was shut down

It's easy to find out why

start the task manager → find mongodb → right-click → select Start

As shown in the figure:

then open CMD , enter the command NPM start to open the background service


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