Obstacle Elimination set: Slave_ IO_ R unning:No And slave_ IO_ R unning:Connecting reason

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Slave_ IO_ R unning:No Why

Slave_ IO_ R unning:Connecting Why

Slave_ IO_ R unning:No Why

After starting slave, I/O thread is not started, and slave is displayed_ IO_ R unning:No
The possible reasons are as follows:

Network connection problem, check whether it can ping

Log bin file input error, go to the master server show master status to check (note here that the master-slave time must be synchronized, otherwise it is easy to generate multiple log bin files, use ntpdate command to synchronize the time)

In addition, there may be configuration errors in etc/my.cnf

Slave_ IO_ R unning:Connecting Why

When the slave server specifies the master server, the password is wrong, causing it to be connected all the time

we create a management account when the master server is authorized, and set a password
such as: MySQL > grant replication slave on . to ‘myslave’@‘20.0.0.%’ identified by ‘abc123’; // You must remember the user, password, etc.
when setting parameters

specify master server and related parameters in slave server
MySQL > change master to master_ Host =’ ‘,// specify the master server address
– > master_ User =’myslave ‘,// master server management account
– > master_ Password =’123456 ‘,// account password
– > master_ log_ File =’master bin. 00000 2 ‘,// note that this file must be checked again in the master to ensure consistency. It is not possible to copy the slave1 statement completely
– > master_ log_ pos=447; // The location of the binary file can be viewed in the master server show master status

when inputting the password, the input error results in slave_ IO_ R unning:Connecting

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