[Solved] Pandas Connect MSYQL Error: 1115, “unknown character set: ‘utf8mb4′”

The code is as follows:

Errors are reported as follows:

First, why does this error occur:

The analysis is as follows:

With the popularity of smartphones, we begun to often use emoticons to help us communicate better. However, the utf8 encoding of MySQL only supports 3 bytes of data, while the expression data of the mobile terminal is 4 bytes of characters, so utf8mb4 appears (its minimum MySQL version supports version 5.5.3 +, while mine is 5.1, so an error is caused)


Uninstall MySQL version 5.1 and install the new version

Here is an installation blog: CentOS installation mysql8.0

After installation, run the program again,

The program runs normally

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