pom.xmlweb.xml is missing and is set to true

1 web.xml is missing and <failOnMissingWebXml&> is set to true

The reason is that there is a lack of information in the project web.xml , and & lt; failonmissingwebxml &> is set to true

Solution: A. if the project needs web.xml To copy one web.xml Just add it to the project.

You can also use eclipse to generate: there are two ways

1. Right click on the project — &> Java EE tools — &> generate deployment descriptor stub. Then the system will display it in Src/main/webapp/Web_ Add INF file to create web.xml Documents. Error resolution!

2. Right click Project – &> properties – &> project faces to remove the check of dynamic web module, click apply, and then check it again, click the further configuration availber that appears below, and then select the generated directory to generate web.xml



B. if the project does not require web.xml , you need to pom.xml There are two ways to configure & lt; failonmissingwebxml &> to false





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