Postman Error: Could not get any response [How to Solve]

During interface testing, it is inevitable to encounter some errors. For example, after the interface is executed, postman prompts could not get any response

The server could not send a response:
Make sure the backend is working
The self-signed SSL certificate is blocked:
Fix this problem by turning off "SSL certificate verification" in Settings> General
The proxy configuration is incorrect
Make sure the proxy is configured correctly in Settings>Proxy
Request timed out:
Change request timeout setting>General

I found an error report when requesting the blog park. There was no problem before. Ha, what’s going on? Let’s take a look at the specific information that reported the error (quiet means that English is a very special dish. All find tools to translate for you)

You can see that the SSL certificate is blocked, which makes it impossible to request


After we close this request, we will find that the request has been successful

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