Python pip install three-party library unsuccessful error: WARNING: You are using pip version 20.2.3; however, version 20.2.4 is available

Originally, I wanted to download the requests module. As a result, PIP reported an error during installation. After solving the error problem, I installed the requests module to verify whether the problem was successfully solved

1. Failed to install the third-party library for pip

PIP failed to install the third-party library: warning: you are using PIP version 20.2.3; however, version 20.2.4 is available.
You should consider upgrading via the ‘c:\users\lenovo\appdata\local\programs\python\python37\python.exe -m pip install –upgrade pip’ command.

Cause: the installation of the third-party library failed because the PIP version is too low.
Enter: easy in CMD_install -U pip

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