Solve the problem of error reporting when installing Python Library in pycharm

Recently, I was playing wechat Turing robot, but I installed some libraries, reported errors, and searched the Internet for a long time. I summarized two methods and recorded them


method 1:

Install manually, go directly to the official website and download the python library you need locally

Put it in the python installation path, C: \ users \ blue silver heart \ appdata \ local \ programs \ Python \ Python 37 \ lib \ venv \ scripts

PIP install – U library name



method 2:

Install in pycharm, but because many libraries are foreign and the domestic connection is not very friendly, some library installations will fail or fail to connect directly due to unstable network, such as






PIP source for domestic, I personally think Tsinghua source is relatively stable

Tsinghua source





Install again, successful




In comparison, it’s easier to install Python libraries automatically in Python. Manual installation is too cumbersome. I don’t like it


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