R6010 -abort() has been called error analysis and solutions


R6010 -abort() has been called errors are often encountered during code debugging. Here, let’s analyze the problem.

The manifestation of the error:

The reasons for this are:
1. Illegal pointer access and memory leak;
2. Check it again, there must be a problem with the pointer. The pointer range you set is not right for your operation;
3. The pointer access memory is out of bounds and there is a problem;
4. It is because Chinese is not supported;
5. The memory is not allocated enough;
6. The problem found in the later inspection should be the problem of multi-threaded access to resources. ;
7. Check if exe and dll are mixed with different versions of crt;

First: check that the requested space has not been released;
second: check whether the stack space has been fully allocated, it is recommended that the memory allocation should not be too large each time, and remember to release;
third: the pointer points to unexpected memory position;

In response to my question,

Found an error in the following code:

features(temp, feature);

And the declaration of this function is:

extern  void features( const Mat& image, Mat& features);

the reason:

The global variable image has been declared and defined in the program, and a mutex lock is used for the image variable during a short period of running. Multiple threads will use the image variable, and the image variable is used many times in the features function that has problems, so Error


Where the image variable is used in the features function, use other variable names;

Another reason is,

There is a problem with the variable data in the code. For example, the function input should be a color RGB image, but the grayscale image used before, forgot to remove the grayscale part, so an error occurred.

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