ROS Error: IOError: [Errno 13] Permission denied: ‘/home/zn/.ros/log/robotiq2FGripper.log’

Run Robotiq to control the driver node and report an error

rosrun robotiq_2f_gripper_control /dev/ttyUSB0
IOError: [Errno 13 ] Permission denied: ' /home/zn/.ros/log/robotiq2FGripper.log '


This problem is caused by the permissions of the ros file in this path.

Enter the following command to modify permissions:

sudo chmod 777 -R ~/.ros/

After the modification is completed, enter roscore again and it will be ok

/home/zn/robotiq_ws/src/robotiq/robotiq_2f_gripper_control/nodes/ 65 : SyntaxWarning: The publisher should be created with an explicit keyword argument ' queue_size ' . Please see http: // /Overview/Publishers%20and%20Subscribers for more 
  = rospy.Publisher( ' Robotiq2FGripperRobotInput ' , inputMsg.Robotiq2FGripper_robot_input)

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