Running NETCORE 2.2 program error [How to Fix]

Running netcore 2.2 program is reporting an error

C:\myself\WuZhui\WuZhui\bin\Release\netcoreapp2.2>dotnet WuZhui.DLL
An assembly specified in the application dependencies manifest (WuZhui.deps.json) has already been found but with a different file extension:
package: ‘WuZhui’, version: ‘1.0.0’
path: ‘WuZhui.dll’
previously found assembly: ‘C:\myself\WuZhui\WuZhui\bin\Release\netcoreapp2.2\WuZhui.DLL’

Finally it turns out to be a case issue, and my goodness, I’m used to Window being case-insensitive, so suddenly it’s case-sensitive.

C:\myself\WuZhui\WuZhui\bin\Release\netcoreapp2.2>dotnet WuZhui.dll
info: Microsoft.AspNetCore.DataProtection.KeyManagement.XmlKeyManager[0]
User profile is available. Using ‘C:\Users\jiangwenyuan\AppData\Local\ASP.NET\DataProtection-Keys’ as key repository and Windows DPAPI to encrypt keys at rest.
Hosting environment: Production
Content root path: C:\myself\WuZhui\WuZhui\bin\Release\netcoreapp2.2
Now listening on: http://localhost:5000
Now listening on: https://localhost:5001
Application started. Press Ctrl+C to shut down.


Success after changing dll to lower case

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