Server 22 port connection timeout SSH: connect to host * * port 22: operation timed out

Recently, there’s something wrong with yogurt. I found it’s hard to connect to the server of V society

ssh: connect to host master port 22: Connection timed out

It’s a matter of time. Now let’s make a summary of the possible problems and the solutions:
I. IP configuration error when we find that there are no IP configuration errors, we need to check whether the port is disabled by the firewall and use the

sudo service iptables status

Command to view the status of the firewall

Table: filter 
Chain INPUT (policy ACCEPT) 
num target prot opt source destination 
1 DROP tcp – tcp dpt:8080 
2 DROP tcp – tcp dpt:80 
3 DROP tcp – tcp dpt:22

We can see that the default port 22 for SSH login is disabled
we use

sudo chkconfig iptables off

To permanently shut down the firewall, if used

sudo service iptables stop

The firewall will be shut down temporarily and reset after the next shutdown and restart. The first one is recommended

I can’t. try this one

vi /etc/ssh/sshd_ Config: port 22 protocol 2 is dropped from two comment numbers

If not, Congratulations, your server has been destroyed

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