Setting up CocoaPods master repo [How to Fix Stuck Issue]

Setting up cocoapods master repo stuck

1. That’s because of the mirror image of Taobao( )It’s no longer available. So now we use the latest supported Ruby image( )

Command line required:

$gem sources -r (remove the old version of the image. If you don’t know what image is currently used on your computer, you can use $gem sources – L to view it)
$gem sources – A (add available images)
$gem sources – L

2. When pod setup enters the setting up cocoapods master repo, it means that it is downloading. At this time, you can open a new terminal window, enter the command line “Cd ~ /. Cocoapods /”, jump to the cocoapods folder, and execute “Du – sh *” to check the size of the folder being downloaded

3. When it appears as follows

[!] An error occurred while performing `git pull` on repo `master`.

[!]/usr/bin/git pull –ff-only

This error should mean that there is something wrong with this node. Then try to delete the node of cocoapods and add another node. Maybe it’s OK

Reason: the branch of cocoapods does not support the latest Xcode version

Solution: delete the master branch and create a new one

sudo rm -fr ~/.cocoapods/repos/master

Then: pod setup


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