[Solved] after installing Ubuntu 16.04, you cannot enter the graphical interface after restarting (error/dev/sda2: clean…)

Environment: machine with independent graphics card 2060

After installing Ubuntu 16.04, you can’t enter the graphical interface, and you’re stuck in this interface all the time

Error reported:/dev/sda2: clean******


In the current interface, enter the command line mode and execute the following commands (in the command line mode, press Ctrl + Alt + F1 ~ F6, mine is Ctrl + Alt + F1, try it yourself)

1. Uninstall the installed graphics card driver

sudo apt purge nvidia-*

sudo apt autoremove

2. Search for matching driver version

ubuntu-drivers devices

A matching drive will be displayed, such as 430 or 438

3. Installation

Sudo apt get install nvidia-430 (for example, if the matching driver shown above is 430)

4. Reboot and restart

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