How to Solve Eclipse JS file Error: fusioncharts.powerchats.js…

After we import the project into eclipse, after configuring various compilation conditions, loading jar packages and configuring tomcat, we find that the project still reports an error (provided that there is no error in the project itself, but we report an error when we import it into eclipse for the first time). What is the reason?

Errors are reported as follows:

The reason is caused by the JS verification function of eclipse

1、 The simple solution is: right click the JS file validate

Manually perform JS verification, and right-click the JS file to validate. This can eliminate the error prompt of a single JS

2、 The permanent solution is to turn off the JS verification function of eclipse

Steps: [window] – [preferences] – [JavaScript] – [validator] – [errors/warnings]

Remove the check mark of verification

After the verification is closed, if the JS file needs to be verified, perform manual verification (right click validate on the JS file)


Last refresh item:

There are no errors after refreshing

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