Solve the problem of error reporting in. Net native compilation containing sqlcihper package

In the uwp application, reference “sqlitepclraw. Bundle”_ e_ Sqlcipher “after nuget package, compiling with. Net native tool chain will fail, and the error message is sqlitepcl.isqlite3provider.sqlite3_ stmt_ isexplain(SQLitePCL.sqlite3_ Stmt) ‘is missing implementation
the reason for this error is that the application also references AppCenter. The nuget package relies on the old version of the bundle_ Green, and bundle_ Sqlcipher conflicts
the current solution is to exclude the conflicting parts in the AppCenter, and the compilation can be successfully completed. Moreover, when the app is running, the related functions of the AppCenter can also operate normally. AppCenter and sqpcihper are referenced in the csproj file of the project in the following way:

  1 <ItemGroup>
  2    <PackageReference Include="Microsoft.AppCenter">
  3       <Version>4.3.0</Version>
  4    </PackageReference>
  5    <PackageReference Include="sqlite-net-base">
  6       <Version>1.7.335</Version>
  7    </PackageReference>
  8    <PackageReference Include="sqlite-net-pcl">
  9       <Version>1.7.335</Version>
 10       <ExcludeAssets>All</ExcludeAssets>
 11    </PackageReference>
 12    <PackageReference Include="SQLitePCLRaw.bundle_e_sqlcipher">
 13       <Version>2.0.5-pre20210817120427</Version>
 14    </PackageReference>
 15    <PackageReference Include="SQLitePCLRaw.bundle_green">
 16       <Version>2.0.5-pre20210817120427</Version>
 17       <ExcludeAssets>All</ExcludeAssets>
 18    </PackageReference>
 19 </ItemGroup>

It is worth noting that sqlitepclraw.bundle with version 2.0.5-pre20210824155428_ e_ There is a problem with sqlcipher. The SQLite Library of arm version contained in it may be put into x64 version
reference: 0. Specific description of error reporting: Problem analysis process: Solution to the problem:

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