Solve the problem of “input personalized service” InputPersonalization.exe High CPU consumption

Recently, we encountered this problem, which caused the CPU of xps15 to overheat and the fan to run wildly After checking, many people are the same, for example: 1-hardware/surface/82846637-0f42-4549-afc4-39e86faef77f

Recall that you have encountered similar problems before: , immediately pick up the process explorer, check the file accessed by this file, see that it has accessed a file under the inputpersonalization folder, try to delete this folder, it seems that it has been cured in the past few hours

The specific path is: localappdata% \ \ Microsoft \ \ inputpersonalization. When you delete it, you will be prompted that the file is occupied by the windows search service. You know, to kill the process of this service SearchIndexer.exe .

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