[Solved] Windows 10 remote error: Oracle fix due to CredSSP encryption

Windows10 remote desktop connection error message:


I found a method on the Internet, but it is ” Win10 Home Edition ” that cannot use this method, the specific operation can be found in the reference link at the end!!!!

Policy Path: Computer Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> System -> Credential Assignment

Setting Name: Encrypt Oracle Fix

I can only change another kind of registry and change it for a long time and finally change it and post the detailed steps .

1. Open the registry and quickly enter “regedit” (similar to entering cmd at the command prompt)

2. Find the folder path: HKLM (abbreviation)\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System\CredSSP\Parameters

Probably after the System, there is no need to create a folder by yourself.

3. Then create a new DWORD (32) bit in the bottom folder.

Filename “AllowEncryptionOracle”, Value: 2.

Just save it.

4. If it doesn’t work, try restarting. I can use it without rebooting.

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