Solve the problem of low version of Android SDK build tools

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Originally, Android studio 0.5.8 and build tools 19.0.3 were used. You can use actionbasherlock normally. Today, after upgrading to 0.6.1, the following problems appear:

E rror:The SDK Build Tools revision (19.0.3) is too low for project ‘:actionbarsherlock’. Minimum required is 19.1.0

I have no choice but to upgrade build tools, but recently Google has not been able to access it, and the SDK manager is so leaky. It uses 22.6.2, which is 12 years old. It seems that the latest version is 22.6.4

After working hard to refresh the Google Library list, we finally found the offline download address of 19.1 and downloaded it with thunderbolt

Reference for subsequent steps

Notes for Android studio installation

In fact, it is copied to temp in the SDK directory, and then installed in the manager interface

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