Eclipse: Failed to get the required ADT version number from the SDK

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After Android studio is updated to 2.3 , it is found that eclipse is abnormal. The warning message is as follows( Due to various reasons, some old projects have not been migrated to as 🤣 I’m helpless, too 🤣)

So the problem may be in the SDK or ADT, so start from the SDK. After Google and stackoverflow, what we should try has already been tried, and I am also very helpless! ☹️ I opened the SDK directory and looked at it carefully. It’s not the same as before, so I opened a PC and compared it. Sure enough… In particular, the tools directory will cause many holes, such as traceview, SDK manager, etc… It can’t be used normally


download a new SDK for eclipse separately ( 🤗 province 🤗 matter 🤗 avoid 🤗 pit 🤗 )


Please download a new SDK for Eclipse

Download Old Version SDK r24.4.1-windows.exe r24.4.1-linux.tgz

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