[Solved] Failed to load D:\Android SDK\android-sdk-windows\build-tools\29.0.3\lib\dx.jar


I encountered an error while running the code today

[2022-01-10 21:57:18 – Dex Loader] Failed to load D:\Android SDK\android-sdk-windows\build-tools\29.0.3\lib\dx. jar
[2022-01-10 21:57:18 – BrewClock] Unknown error: Unable to build: the file dx. jar was not loaded from the SDK folder!

Cause: Eclipse automatically uses the highest version of the SDK, and ADT is lower than the SDK version


Open SDK manager.exe download the minimum version of buildtools 20 21

Open project.properties, fill in the last line with SDK.buildtools=21.0.0

21.0.0 is the version number of buildtools you downloaded

You can find it in D:\Android SDK\ Android-SDK-windows\build-tools file

Save and run again

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