[Solved] VS Code Error: ((this.configurationService.getValue(…) || []).filter is not a function)

This article mainly introduces when using VS Code to create files, open folders or open new options, and use shortcut keys to report errors: ((this.configurationService.getValue(…) || []).filter is not a function) Solution.

Modify the configuration of “workbench.editorAssociations” in the settings.json file

The original configuration:

"workbench.editorAssociations": {
    "*.ipynb": "jupyter-notebook"

Change to:

"workbench.editorAssociations": [
            "viewType": "jupyter-notebook",
            "filenamePattern": "*.ipynb"


"workbench.editorAssociations": { 
            "*.ipynb": "jupyter.notebook.ipynb" 

Note : settings.jsonFile path in Mac :~/Library/Application Support/Code/User/settings.json

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