SVN Commit Error: is scheduled for addition, but is missing

Today, after passing the Cr (code review) code audit of SVN, I want to execute SVN CI – M “XXXXXX (submission comments) issue = 3380305”, but the submission failed, SVN reported a mistake

The contents are as follows:

Prompt: “SVN: commit failed (details follow): SVN: ‘/ xxx/YYY/(file or folder path)’ is scheduled for addition, but is missing”

Reason: files/folders submitted with SVN before are marked as “add” status, waiting to be added to the warehouse. If you delete this file at this time, SVN will still try to submit this file when submitting, even though its status is “missing”

Solution: in the command line, use “SVN reverse/xxx/YYY /”, in the graphical interface, right-click — revert, select the file. This tells SVN to return the file to the previous state of “unversioned”, that is, not to make any changes to the file, and then execute the submit command

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