The problem of “bad PBR sig” in the installation of Solaris10

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When you install Solaris10 on your PC, everything goes smoothly, but when you boot from disk, you find the red “bad PBR sig” in the bottom left corner of the screen. It has been refitted several times without any effect. Later, when fdisk was used as disk partition, a PRI DOS partition and a Solaris partition were built, and then the problem was solved. After the system is installed, the boot is normal

In addition, the ISO I use is in DVD format. It seems that there are few files, so I can’t install it with graphical interface. At the beginning of the installation, a media error will be reported. Later, I went to the Internet and found that it was in DVD format and could only be installed with text interface. Because there is no CD format system disk in hand, there is no verification.

Pridos is a partition used for the boot of X86, which must be created before it is independent of Solaris partition.

As for the ISO of DVD can’t be graphical, it’s not. I also encountered the same problem, but I tried several times, and the graphical interface came out at the last time. I always felt that there was a problem in the selection of a certain place, not the disk itself. Of course, it is also possible that the installation disk itself has some problems with the identification of the graphics card. There is no CD and no verification, but the DVD can definitely be installed graphically. Note: bsrealtek’s 1000 MB PCI network card does not have the driver under Solaris!

If you use the CD to boot again and enter the single mode, format, and see that the starting cylin of S2 of Solaris on your hard disk is 1 instead of 0, you just need to change the starting cylin of S2 to 0, change the size to the size of all solarisfdisk, and then re install grub-m/boot/grub/stage1/boot/grub/stage2/dev/rdsk/c0d0s0
after the restart, badpbrsig disappears

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