The solution of high CPU consumption in Google Chrome helper

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Problem overview

In MacOS, chrome is still very popular, but it often leads to high CPU consumption. For example, if the page contains flash, the fan will whirr. Generally speaking, if chrome takes up too much memory, it’s not a problem. After all, chrome’s performance and ease of use are based on a lot of memory. But no matter what program, continuous occupation of more than 80% of the CPU, is extremely abnormal. Most programs use less than 10% of the CPU

Start with task manager

Today, I encountered a lot of fever in MacBook Pro. When I turned on the activity monitor, I found that a Google Chrome helper took up almost 100% of the CPU. The culprit should be chrome

For chrome, it’s not very difficult to check, because chrome comes with a task manager, which can be accessed through the “window” – & gt“ Task manager opens to view. You can see the specific page, how much memory the process occupies, CPU and network bandwidth and other information. If you find that chrome takes up a lot of resources, you can check the task manager first

Found “auxiliary framework: ”Took up a lot of CPU, double-click in, is a page a, look at the source code of page a, unexpectedly did not find the word 2mdn, I try to use the browser to access this , even prompted that the IP address of the server could not be found. Before I turn off page a, the CPU usage of this auxiliary framework will be reduced

Problem summary

The method to solve the problem is very simple, based on a phenomenon, find a reason, based on this reason to find a phenomenon, and then step by step to narrow the scope of the problem, approaching the final cause software like Google browser is almost an operating system in itself, so its task manager is also indispensable. Chrome browser with the task manager can tell you a few key information<
memory occupied by tasks
CPU occupied by tasks
network traffic occupied by tasks
if you turn on Google browser and your computer fan turns like crazy, you’d better open the task manager of Google browser to have a look

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