The solution of port 80 occupied by Microsoft HTTP API / 2.0

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After running Wamp, it is found that Apache is not started. Is port 80 occupied?Use “test port 80” to prompt that the port is “s” erver:Microsoft-HTTPAPI/2.0 “It’s really taken up

First of all, I want to stop all the sites of IIS, because one of them occupies port 80. After opening IIS, I found that the website did not start at all. After modifying the website port to 8081, Apache still could not start. After checking the 80 port, it was still occupied. Then I decided to stop the whole IIS service and run the following command to stop IIS

iisreset /stop

Prompt IIS to be stopped. I’m still a little worried. I’ll use it again

iisreset /status

This command checks the status and prompts

IIS admin service (iisadmin) status: stopped windows process activation service (was) status: stopped

It is estimated that IIS has been stopped completely, and then Apache is started with confidence, but it still fails. Yesterday was good! Recalling what I did today, I want to update the patch of Visual Studio 2010. Is this the reason

Open the windows service, try to shut down the Web deployment agent service , try again, Apache finally started successfully. Well, the operation process is as follows:

1. Enter windows service management: enter control panel → management tools → services

2. Find “ Web deployment agent service “, and then stop

3. In order to prevent this thing from starting after the next boot, change the startup property from “automatic” to “disable” or “manual”

Call it a day

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