ubuntu18.04 Start Android StudioKVM is required to run this AVD ./dev/kvm device: permission denied.

Install Android studio under Ubuntu 18.04, and report an error after installing the simulator

KVM is required to run this AVD. /dev/kvm device: permission denied.

That is, the current user has no permission to/dev/KVM, so the/dev/KVM file needs to configure the permission group to the current login account. The terminal configures the following commands

sudo chown g -R /dev/kvm

In order to configure the command automatically, we need to follow the way of configuring Java environment variables. Configure it in the. Bashrc file so that it can be started automatically

( the following operations should not be needed. After using the sudo chown command to restart, you do not need to change the permission of this file again, because it has been set)

if you want to know how to add sudo (root permission) command when starting up, please see : start sudo command when Linux starts up

Configuration method:

sudo vim ~/.bashrc

On the last line of the file, add the following code. Add the file/dev/KVM to the permission group of redkey (my account)

sudo chown redkey -R /dev/kvm

In this way, after restarting the computer , the configuration information will be automatically executed

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