WPF – Diagram Designer

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WPF – Diagram Designer

Openexpressapp plan includes modeling tools. The plan is to use metaedit + model as meta model and WPF diagram of CodeProject This paper introduces these four articles of codeprojcet, and recommends them to those who are interested in graphic designers. It is very convenient to design a graphic editor through the template function and other functions of WPF. After the OEA reference implementation, I will further explain how to make modeling tools.

WPF Diagram Designer: Part 1




WPF Diagram Designer – Part 2

Designer canvas: variable size, scrollable

Thumbnail (zoombox)

Ruberband selection

Toolbox (drag & drop)

WPF Diagram Designer – Part 3

Connecting items

WPF Diagram Designer – Part 4

Open, Save

Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete


Group, Ungroup

Align (Left, Right, Top, Bottom, Centered horizontal, Centered vertical)

Distribute (horizontal, vertical)

Order (Bring forward, Bring to top, Send backward, Send to back)

Modify the left navigation bar of the background template of layui to be scalable

Quick start to reactnative

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