Xposed Framework for Android 8.x Oreo is released (in beta)

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Xposed Framework for Android 8.x Oreo is released (in beta)

01/08/2018 at 4:30 PM by Brad Linder Leave a Comment

Want to modify the behavior of your Android device without going through the trouble of replacing the operating system with a custom ROM?Xposed Framework is a popular, versatile tool that lets you choose from hundreds of modules that can alter the look, feel, performance, and behavior of the operating system. You do need a rooted phone to use Xposed, but you don’t need to replace the OS.

But every time Google releases a major update to Android, developer rovo89 has to figure out if it’s possible to port Xposed to work on the new version of the operating system. Usually it is… but sometimes it takes a while.

Google released Android 8.0 Oreolast summer, and up until now there have only been unofficial and incomplete versions of Xposed for Oreo. Now rovo89 has released the first public beta of Xposed for Oreo, with support for both Android 8.0 and Android 8.1.

Amplify Xposed module

The software is still considered beta since it hasn’t been thoroughly tested by a large number of users. So it’s possible that there may be some bugs, apps that crash when the framework is installed, or other issues. But if you run into problems, there’s also an official uninstaller that can help remove the framework and associated files.

Among other things, you can use Xposed to install modules like GravityBox, which offers tools for tweaking the status bar, lock screen, navigation bar, and other Android components, Amplify, which offers battery life-prolonging features, and modules that let you do things like play YouTube videos in the background without paying for a YouTube Red subscription.

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