10 Best Free WordPress Gallery Plugins 2015

Best free wordpress gallery plugins of 2015 have all the essential features to create a portfolio gallery websites. These are useful wordpress plugins 2015.

Photography website is not like any other website. It needs to be given good value as it is known to be collection of somebody’s abilities and talent. You can find numerous websites that help in displaying the work of the photographers. However, WordPress is one such platform that provides you with a lot of options to facilitate easy customization. This ensures you with the right plugins that will provide you with a wonderful experience. There are many WordPress gallery plugins that can help you with this and these are known to be filled with a lot of functions. Below mentioned is some information on the 10 best free WordPress gallery plugins that will make the WordPress site extremely appealing.

Best Free WordPress Gallery Plugins 2015

In this article, I’d like to share a list of some best free wordpress gallery plugins 2015 which may be used in creating beautiful portfolio websites or gallery websites. Enjoy this beautiful collection of free wordpress gallery plugins 2015!

Easy Media Gallery

This is a kind of plugin that will provide you with an easiest way of displaying of the grid galleries, galleries with the paginati on, photo albums and Google street view. With such a platform you can also embed the videos from Vimeo, YouTube and other video sites.

NextGEN Gallery

This is known to be one of the renowned WordPress gallery plugins. With this platform, you will be able to facilitate batch uploading and also the management of the galleries, editing of the thumbnails, slideshow and also thumbnail style galleries.

Responsive Photo Gallery

This is based on Bootstrap framework and it allows in adding unlimited images to the wordpress website. This is such a platform that provides with light box preview by using of fading animation effect. Various features that are a part of this platform are easy and simple admin gallery dashboard, 2 design layout and a lot more.

Photo Gallery

This is known to be a reactive WordPress plugin that is featured with various options and tools for the sake of adding image galleries and also editing of the images. It provides with managing of unlimited photos and support for numerous image formats.


This is such a wordpress plugin that can be used easily and it provides with a simple way for creating galleries of images of best quality. You can add the descriptions for every gallery and can also choose as to how you would like to display the galleries.

Simple Photo Gallery

As the name suggests, this works in the similar way. It includes various features such as gallery creation in an easiest way, ability of watermarking the images. The galleries are done in the masonry style and it also provides with different thumbnail templates.

Grand Flagallery

This is a photo gallery plugin that is user friendly and is also known to be powerful. It is available with the best 3D gallery skins. You can also use background music with image slide show for getting the best effect.

Gallery Bank

This is known to be an approachable WordPress plugin. With this platform, you will be able to create stylish and amazing image galleries, grid albums, list albums, thumbnail layouts and different other functions for the sake of elevating the WordPress site.

Facebook Photo Fetcher

This is such a WordPress plugin that will help in the creation of the photo galleries from Facebook album in an automatic way. A few of the important features to note here are completely customizable galleries, built-in light box and the best PHP template functions.

Lazyest Gallery

This provides with a simple an best way for the creation of different photo calleries with various folders and sub folders, slide shows and thumbnail pages. The various features provided by plugin are automatic thumbnail creation, capability of adding captions, and unlimited number of the images, shortcodes to be featured in the galleries and a lot more.

With all the above free wordpress gallery plugins, it is sure that you will have a wonderful experience and maintaining of the galleries will also be done in the best way.



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