If the WP thumbnail cannot be displayed, open the thumbnail and prompt “a timthumb error has occurred”

WP before is iis when everything is normal, after switching to nginx found that the thumbnail can not see, out can not, after opening the thumbnail.

Error message:
A TimThumb error has occured
Could not find the internal image you specified.

Query String : src= http://my-host.it/wp-content/files_ mf/1346848579prog_ no_ pic.png TimThumb version : 2.8.14


Problem solving

1. Cause of the problem

The original problem is that timthumb can’t find the image, that is to say, the path recognized by timthumb is different from the path of the image

2. Solutions

Find timthumb. PHP in the topic, open it, and use Ctrl + F to find it

Define (‘version ‘,’version number’)

Add a line before it

$_ SERVER[‘DOCUMENT_ Root ‘] =’path’

For example, my path is/var/www/

//$_ SERVER[‘DOCUMENT_ ROOT’] = ‘/var/www/’;

Because my server is win, so here is the address of win

$_ SERVER[‘DOCUMENT_ ROOT’] = ‘C:/XXX/wwwroot’;

After saving, go back to the website to refresh, and find that the long lost thumbnail has come out, and the problem has been solved

At this time, I really feel like I can see the sunshine through the dark clouds. I’ve been in the pit for four or five hours. Alas, I’m writing here. I hope I can help you too

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