The solution of WordPress timthumb unable to display thumbnail

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WordPress uses the thumbnail tool timthumb.php. The thumbnail is not displayed. The error message contains the following contents

Permission denied in ......\timthumb.php on line 811A TimThumb error has occuredThe following error(s) occured:serveCacheFile called in timthumb but we couldn't find the cached file.
Query String : src=
TimThumb version : 2.8.14

This situation is due to the subject directory is the cache folder account Internet… Is the user name with IUSR beginning that account insufficient permissions caused

Just change the permission to 777. In windows, 777 is equivalent to the following settings (please correct any incorrect ones)

You can delete the cache folder under the theme directory, refresh the web page, and he will rebuild a cache folder, and then change its permissions to the image above

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