An error is reported when the SVN is submitted. The prompt is locked and cleanup is required


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Errors are often reported when submitting or updating code using SVN. The general prompt information is as follows:

  Working copy “XXX” locked.

        ” XXX” is already locked.

        Please execute the ‘Clean up’ command.

As shown in the figure:


Solution 1:

Use a tool that can open SQLite database (my Navicat premium) to open the wc.db file in the corresponding SVN directory


  Navicat premium opens the wc.db file and empties WC_All records of lock table  


  After emptying

Close the tool that opens the wc.db file (not closing will lock the wc.db file), and resubmit the code


Solution 2:

Open the task manager under windows and kill the process tsvncache.exe


Solution 3:

1. Copy the file you have modified to another place and back it up
2. Delete the problematic directory
3. Update the deleted directory with SVN and pull the code again
4. Copy your backed up files or manually merge the modifications that need to be retained
5. Submit






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