[Solved] zookeeper deletes a directory node Error: authentication is not valid: /HBase/tokenauth

Problem background:

When building an HDP cluster, after Kerberos is enabled, the zookeeper.znode.parent of HBase becomes/HBase secure. I want to change it to/HBase

However, after changing this value, there is a problem connecting HBase to zookeeper. It should be that/HBase already exists in zookeeper. I want to delete/HBase in ZK and reinitialize it,

But it can’t be deleted, Error reporting: authentication is not valid:/HBase/tokenauth


This is because zookeeper opens ACL, and I can’t use zookeeper’s getacl command,

Then, I directly turn off the ACL function of zookeeper, and then restart zookeeper,

[close ACL]   Add a zookeeper configuration. Here I demonstrate HDP:

skipACL = yes

At this time, you can delete the directory node in zookeeper. This is a newly built cluster and can be deleted at will. If it is a production cluster, be careful!!

At this point, change the zookeeper.znode.parent of my HBase to/habse, restart and enter the HBase shell for verification

After the above, I opened the ACL function of zookeeper again, that is, delete the configuration and restart zookeeper;

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