An error occurred when the idea was compiled: cannot create empty file:

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A few days ago, after the computer was updated, this problem appeared when I opened the idea. At that time, I thought I had changed the configuration file of idea

Problem solving:

1. Problems after updating the computer: (you may not update it, but you have changed the coding format of the computer)

A) open the control panel to find the clock and area



B) find the area


C) management > Change system locale


D) cancel the bate version of Unicode – UTF-8 (if it has been cancelled, you can also check it)


2. Code format configuration in idea: (if problem 1 is not solved)

      a) File > Settings…


      b) Editor > File encodings to configure tuf-8 character encoding

Step 4, transparent native… Can be checked or not. It is only used for serialization



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