Android AVD Run Error: emulator: ERROR: x86_64 emulation currently requires hardware acceleration! Pleas…

Open the Android SDK manager to check the installation. It is found that haxm cannot be installed on windows

You can go Download the Android SDK extras and unzip the hardware_ Accelerated_ Execution_ Manager to the Android SDK windows extras Intel directory, and then manually click intelhaxm-android.exe to install note that if you install Android SDK version 9.0, there is no corresponding version of extras package for the time being,

Error will be reported and the version needs to be updated: haxm must be updated (Version 1.1.1)

In addition, in terms of hardware support, an error will be reported here:

If the error “Intel virtualization technology (VT, VT-x) is not enabled” is displayed, enter BIOS and open “hardware virtualization”
Restart Android studio and then restart AVD

At this time, an error is reported: emulator window was out of view and was recentered vcpu shutdown request

Or vcpu shutdown request


1. Create a new virtual machine, click start, and check “wipe user data”

2. Download Hmax_ 6.0.5 unzip and put it in… – Android SDK/Extras/Intel/hardware_ Accelerated_ Execution_ Manager (clear this folder first and then check in) to install Hmax again

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