Kvm Creates a virtual machine error: Warning: KVM is not available [How to Solve]

The error details are as follows:



Check whether virtualization is enabled on the linux server

cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep vmx


If there is output, it means that the CPU supports virtualization technology.

——–> svm-Secure virtual machine, AMD’s virtualization technology AMD-V

——–> vmx-Intel’s virtualization technology Intel-VT

lsmod | grep kvm



KVM 554 609  0 

irqbypass 13503  1 KVM 


is on 

kvm_intel 170 181  0 

KVM 554 609  1 kvm_intel 

irqbypass 13503  1 KVM


If it is not turned on, you need to enter the BIOS and turn it on in the CPU-related configuration items, and then check it after booting

[KVM Nested Virtualization]

Execute the command:

root@localhost:~# modinfo kvm_intel | grep nested 

parm: nested: bool 

root@localhost: ~# cat /sys/module/kvm_intel/parameters/ nested 



If the above result shows that it is not Y, you need to manually turn on nested virtualization:

modprobe -r kvm- intel
 modprobe kvm-intel nested = 1

Then execute the command to view.

Restart the kvm management interface

[root@test01 ~]# virt-manager

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