Completely solve MySQL error: 1030, ‘got error 28 from storage engine’

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To be frank with me, the online articles are all the same, and none of them can be solved. It’s just a matter of clearing up the memory, but there is no Xiao Bai who can’t be taught to clean up… =

the problem is that the server system is full, and the temporary file directory specified by MySQL is full, This is what I mean.

the following solution is that the/dev/vda1 system is full. In fact, I have no idea where/dev/vda1 is or what it is. Later, I learned that it is a virtio block device< to popularize science: a line beginning with ‘C’ indicates that the device is a character device, and a line beginning with ‘B’ indicates that it is a block device

/dev/VDA and/dev/VDB are virtio block type devices, while/dev/SDA is SD, or SCSI type device

open 4. If the log is too large, it can be cleared

run the command:

cat/dev/null > File. Log

for pro testing, catalina.out in the MySQL folder can be deleted. Execute:

echo “> Catalina. Out

generally, this log file is relatively large.
5. If the software package is too large, you can uninstall it if you don’t need it

to perform the uninstall

RPM – E software name

or delete

RM – RF folder name

6. You can delete the large file almost. You can use DF – H again and reserve half of the disk space to perfectly solve the MySQL 1030 problem original link:

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