Solve the security check error similar to error c4996: ‘scanf’: this function or variable may be unsafe in vs2019

The following solutions are generally used to solve this problem:


(1) Scanf and other similar functions are not safe. To ensure the security of the program, it is recommended to use them in the future_ S, but many previous programs may still use unsafe versions. Here are some ways to get rid of this error prompt.


(2) When creating a new project in VS, remove the “safe development life cycle (SDL) check” to turn the error into a warning, so that the use of unsafe versions will not affect the compilation and operation


(3) In the front of the header file, remember to add: #define at the front (in front of include)_ CRT_ SECURE_ NO_ WARNINGS     This macro definition


(4) Add: #pragma warning (disable: 4996) at the beginning of the compiled header file    


(5) Project properties – & gt; Configuration Properties-> C/C++-> Preprocessor-> Enter preprocessor definitions, click the button (…) and enter:_ CRT_ SECURE_ NO_ Warnings, use “\ n” to separate them.


In short, if you want to do no security check at all, use the method in (2) or the method in (5). If you just don’t use some files, you can use the methods in (3) and (4). If you like to use the method in (2), you can choose according to your needs. However, with the gradual improvement of the importance of security, I suggest you use the safe version in the future

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