Conda Install Error: Solving environment: failed with initial frozen solve.

I’ve stepped on a lot of holes and checked a lot on the Internet. Kuaitemo is autistic. I can’t solve it even if I’m confused. I’ve been working hard all afternoon and finally solved it. The solution is as follows:

Well… I forgot to cut the wrong picture at that time…… First of all, unload and reload the anaconda you installed, which is what I did anyway, obsessive-compulsive disorder patients, so clean
. Then, check your current version of CONDA, whether you check it or not, anyway, you have to update it. I like to check: conda-v here is the moment to witness the miracle:

Update CONDA to the latest version: CONDA update – N base CONDA check CONDA version again: CONDA – V is not the latest version CONDA 4.7.11 second update CONDA to the latest version: CONDA update – N base CONDA second time is very important!!! What’s more, when it reads the environment this time, the thief is slow. I thought my computer was stuck for half a year, just wait for it. After the update, check the CONDA version: CONDA – V, and find that it is the latest version, CONDA 4.7.11, and then execute: CONDA update — all. Then, what’s good to install, what’s good to fix, what’s good to use, everything’s good to use, and it’s over!!!!!!

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