Android SDK manager can’t be updated and can’t be connected The question of

Thank you for your help. Here is the entry: campaign=haruki&utm_ content=note&utm_ medium=reader_ share&utm_ source=weixin_ timeline

My analysis and solution steps are as follows:

Error Description:

1. After the SDK manager is opened, the following error is reported when reload, or in the process of using, resulting in the failure to update the SDK

2. Click this connection, the browser can’t download r24.3.4- windows.exe

3. The error reported by the SDK manager is as follows

Cause Description:

1. Can’t connect , because the DNS did not resolve the address or the resolved address is wrong, resulting in the access timeout. (correct)

2. This link doesn’t need a ladder. The actual download speed is 10MB/s without setting. Don’t be misled


Step 1, query an available IP address


Step 2. Select one of the IP addresses and Ping the IP address on the console

(usually within 50ms)

3. Modify host

In this path, find the hosts file and open it with Notepad +


Add the following, IP address with the one you Ping

Save, close

4. Back to error description 2, if it can be downloaded, Congratulations, OK

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