Can’t use Subversion command line client: svn.

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This prompt appears when using idea to include SVN checkout

Can’t use Subversion command line client:svn

Subversion command line client version is too old(1.5.5)

The installed TortoiseSVN tool itself does not have command line function. Visual SVN must be installed, and it must be installed separately

Download address: Select the version you want to download. For example, I downloaded the win version

As shown in the figure:

Here are two problems to be solved. One is whether your SVN client is installed. The other is that the version of SVN should not be too old

Idea is relatively good. Click fix it

Configure the absolute path of svn.exe under the SVN installation path directly to the use command line client, as shown in the figure:

In this way, the first prompt is solved, and the second one is to click fix it

It’s OK after modification

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