Error lnk2026: module unsafe for safeseh image

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When compiling old projects, I found that there are two ways on the Internet, both of which can be used. In essence, they are the same two ways. Here are listed for your convenience

Method 1( )

Just change it to No. This is more convenient

Method 2

Or select command line for this interface

1. Click the command line property page

2. Type/safeseh: no into the “additional options” box, and then click apply


It’s hard to say what’s on the Internet. The one on the website above said he was original, but the first one in front of him was published nearly three years ago

The following one is even more extraordinary. In 2009, he wrote a plan for this problem( )

Original text:

You may encounter this problem when compiling the driver, especially when writing the C + + driver

At this point, you need to add a sentence to the source file


This will disable the safeseh compilation option

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