Error running ‘JeecgSystemApplication’: Command line is too long. Shorten command line for JeecgSystemApplication or also for Spring Boot default configuration.

1. Idea run reports “error running ‘jeecgsystemapplication’: command line is too long. Short command line for jeecgsystemapplication or also for spring boot default configuration?”

Error running “jeecgsystemapplication”: the command line is too long. Shorten the command line of jeecgsystemapplication or spring boot default configuration


(1) Click “run” – & gt“ Edit configuration “ (2) find” environment “- & gt“ Short command line “and select” jar manifest “
(3) click” apply “- & gt“ OK
2. The “run” operation cannot be performed after importing the project, which may be caused by the idea’s failure to help download the dependency. Click “Maven” on the right side of the idea and click the button in the figure below to update the project dependency again to see the “run” button appear

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