Error: vs2015 does not set the object reference to the instance of the object

Problem Description:

Operating environment:

  > win10

  > vs2015 update3

  > qt 5.9.1

An error occurs when opening the. Pro project of QT using vs2015  

Vs2015 does not set an object reference to an instance of an object

Problem analysis:

The environment variable of vs2015 should be modified

Problem solving:

Restore/reset vs2015 environment


1. Use the developer command line of vs2015 to enter:   devenv.exe  /Resetsettings (the problem is not solved)

2. Uninstall QT plug-in, delete vs configuration folder, and reinstall QT plug-in. (problem solving)

2-1. Uninstall QT plug-in









2-2. Delete

      -> C: \ users \ username \ appdata \ local \ Microsoft \ VisualStudio\

All folders under path

2-3. Reinstall QT vsaddin plug-in



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