How to use lazy mouse of ZBrush software

When sculpting in ZBrush, by using the lazy mouse function, you can make the brush stroke accurately across the surface of the model to form smooth and smooth curves, or completely neat lines through the whole surface. The lazy mouse settings allow you to create any style of strokes as quickly and easily as you need.

If we don’t turn on the delay mouse, it’s hard to make your strokes very smooth. And in some specific cases, for example, the seams on some clothes need to be carved, so we need to use the delay mouse command.

Its startup shortcut is L. you can find it under the stroke menu


Lazystep: This is used to adjust the stroke spacing. It is controlled by parameters. In some cases, this function is quite useful. For example, if we want to carve the repeated screws on the machine, then we can use this function.

Lazysmooth: This is to control the strength of the lazysmooth effect, which is rarely used.

Lazyradius: when we sculpt with lazymouse, the brush will have a red line. The length of this root line is controlled by lazyradius. The larger the parameter, the more accurate and smoother the effect you get.

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