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Best Cat Scratching Post Ever AND Cat Weight

Watching cat behavior over the years, I have noticed that they scratch not only to flex their feet and claws, they actually like to stretch their china wholesale nfl jerseys shoulders and back, using their claws as leverage. This stretching behavior will tip over a commercially available sized scratching post.

Whenever I have observed one of my cats try to get a good stretch out of a standard cat post, it has moved or tipped and the cat has immediately given up and gone to find a more suitable object for an anchor usually my sofa.

3. They are taller than any standard cat posts. (My cats prefer a post that is at least twice as tall as they are long. They like to reach up as high as they can and get a good long stretch.)

Eventually, I developed a theory, which I have dubbed CW first bogus theory of cats:

Merely disciplining a cat for using the furniture as a scratching nfl jerseys china post, but not providing them with an alternative that meets their needs is not likely to be a successful method of training. A post that serves a cat needs better than the furniture does will be naturally preferred for scratching, and it should make training the cats much easier, since they will not be deprived of stretching out and getting a good scratch in, when their physiology demands it.

Your theory isn so bogus. Putting yourself into your cat position is a sign you are a compassionate and evolved human caretaker. I would add that there are other common methods that need to be avoided, such as: squirting water on a naughty cat, making loud noises to scare him away from scratching in the wrong place, and any other measures meant to intimidate him. These are just going to create a timid and scared animal. Also, though many folks think that merely rubbing a post with catnip will attract him to it and then to scratch it, I don really like that solution either. Instead, I recommend playing with your cat around the post with a simple piece of string ( or even with a laser toy ). After all, one of the best things about our cats is the wacky and humorous way they chase and hunt ( I ALWAYS get a good laugh when my cats have cornered a mouse, and all the drama that entails! ). Also, let me congratulate you on your approach to the size and stability of your scratcher. These are critical to ending up with a really great scratch post. I always recommend wrapping a post with at least 150 200 ft. of 3/8 Brazilian Sisal Rope.

I love your story about your cats. I got a black kitty girl who is almost 2 yr old, and spunky doesn begin to describe her! But also is the sweetest thing, and she adopted my mother recently (who has never been around cats, doesn really like them, and with my dad recent death, has been pretty lost). Bella really is her personal watch cat . and I going to make one of these posts for her (she might share it with her sisters, but not betting on it, so will get supplies to make at least two!). Thanks for a great idea.

I adopted three black wholesale nfl jerseys china cats and several other blackish cats. If you look at one of my Instructables about teaching a cat to swim, she is my latest all black cat.

I don know how black cats got such a bad reputation. My three all black cats have been the most awesome, friendly and sociable cats ever. Diego, the oldest of our all black cats is leashed trained. He loved going to the kid park and hanging out in the kiddy area. It was nice because it was enclosed, kind of like a dog park, but for children. The kids loved him.

He would probably still love it, but we have moved to far away to make it feasible for me to take him,

Superb project! Thanks. Anyone who cares for and about felines can easily observe their needs.

The barbaric practice of declawing cats has and continues to be the easy way out for dealing with furniture destruction. Are you making any for sale; otherwise, I may need to borrow my daughter power drill and tackle this important project myself. I spent more than my budget allows for chintzy posts that deteriorate quickly at the base carpet area. I have, in the past, removed the carpet, but my feline experiences show me that they love to sit and scratch at the carpet too.

Just ran across this, and it is outstanding !! I have my current store bought scratchy post firmly wedged under the couch and a side table so my girls can budge it, but it is too short, and I wanted a taller one for awhile. I also have scratch mats on the arms of the couch, so they wreck those, not the upholstery.

I have very little space though. I thinking I might make this, but add another post to the top, with a shelf or two, high enough so they could climb to the transom window over the balcony door, to look outside. It a regular door, not sliding, and I can mount a shelf up there for them to lie on. It one of the few places in here where there might just be room for something like this and I know they love it. I have two adopted older girls,litter sibs, black and white, one tiny and crazy, the other was quite chunky when I got her, but is losing weight gradually on a carefully restricted diet of home made raw food. They are fourteen now, but still act like kittens often enough. the little one, Matty, is absolutely nuts, loves to jump, climb and tunnel wherever she can. Brina is a bit more sedate, but more active now she is slimmer. I probably hardly see them if I build them a tall tree. Be a good project for this summer. Great instructions !

Thanks for the compliment. I agree, the furniture at my local pet stores is cheaply made and it isn even sturdy enough to serve a cat purposes. This post was not cheap to make, but at least it actually does what it is supposed to do. 🙂

Also, I never would have thought about the superstition thing either, but the people at the shelter told me about it and it checks out online. Apparently, it is a well known phenomena among humane associations and cat shelters. It seems really strange to me and since I don have a color preference, I just always get black ones now that I know they are the neediest of the needy.

The superstition nonsense is the specific reason we adopted two black kittens. One follows me around the house like a dog and is very social. The other one would rather me sit down so he can be in my lap.

When they were kittens, we bought one of those short thin scratching posts covered with sisal. I should have taken it back when the packaging said something along the line of, not let pet use without supervision. (Huh?) I say it was because the kittens kept tipping it over. Your logic makes purrfect sense. Make it tall and make it sturdy. (My cats are thinking, time!Your guide for the cushion is fabulous. I have multiples who, when charging through the house, can take down Windsor chairs. I have agonized over finding an adequate scratching post. My Tater is 16 pounds of pure cheap nfl jerseys I COME and we cringe when we hear crashing from the next room. All of mine are shelter cats too weib. Three of them are black as tar. LiveWire, Fuzzy and Stein. Pet store posts do not work. Your guide is going to make us all very happy; I can see this already. I wanted to tell you thank you, from the bottom of my heart. I be back asap and I post the total material cost for those who want to know what the material will set them back. As you suggested, we shopping Lowe I bring you pics of my post when it finished. I going to add the shelves you suggested, offset the top shelf, and add a condo box at the top as well. The thought that I will have built them exactly what they need, with my own two hands, is just an awesome thought. I sure Zenith and Quasar know exactly what I mean!

Again, thanks weib!Try wrapping the scratching posts in an old sweatshirt or pair of jeans. Cats have scent glands in their claws, and they will mark their scent over your own (hence why they like to shred your furniture and carpet). It a way of claiming you as their human. When you put your scent on the scratching post, then they should start going to it more then your furniture. In the meantime, you can try a spray called Off that they sell at walmart, or for that matter, use lemon grass oil, since it exactly the same thing. cat can stand the smell, but humans can barely notice it.

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