MySQL: invisible empty symbol char (9) char (10) char (13)

When counting annual sales, I always feel that something is wrong. So I looked for it, right, tried trim, eliminated the spaces before and after, and didn’t respond.

On the verge of collapse, the cause of the mistake was finally discovered.

When I entered, I pasted many other blank symbols. I couldn’t see them or touch them. Ah~

Finally: update SKU_ pure set FBASKU = replace(replace(replace(FBASKU,char(9),”),char(10),”),char(13),”);


Another example:
Update SKU_ pure_ Copy1 set fbasku = replace (replace (replace ( fbasku , char (9), ‘), char (10),’), char (13), ‘, store = replace (replace ( store , char (9),’), char (10), ‘), char (13),’), SKU = replace (replace ( SKU , char (9), ‘), char (10),’), char (13), ‘)

If you encounter these hidden blank symbols, don’t be afraid to use the following sentence to solve them in one step:

update table_ name
set column_ name = replace(replace(replace(column_ name,char(9),”),char(10),”),char(13),”);

Description: table_ Name: table name column_ Name: column name, field name, variable name

Char (9), char (10) and char (13) are:
char (9) represents the horizontal tab (TAB key)

Char (10) denotes the newline key (\ n)

Char (13) indicates enter (

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