[Solved] elastic search, blocked by: index read-only/allow delete (api)

Recently, I found that the index failed during index, and then I looked at the log

The following exception is found: blocked by: [binding/12/index read only/allow delete (API)]

Find the reason

By command: http://localhost:9200/indexName/_settings? pretty , check found, read_only_allow_delete”: “true”

Indexes can only be read-only or deleted

Most of this happens because the disk is full. When the utilization rate exceeds 95%, elasticsearch will force the operation that data cannot be written


1. Clear disk space

2. Read_only_allow_Set delete to false

    "index.blocks.read_only_allow_delete": "false"

Acknowledged = true indicates successful execution

3. Query the index configuration again, and you can see “read_only_allow_Delete = false”, then you can index the data

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