[Solved] Python pip install Error: OSError: [Errno 1] Operation not permitted


pip install --upgrade pip

sudo pip install numpy --upgrade --ignore-installed

sudo pip install scipy --upgrade --ignore-installed

sudo pip install scikit-learn --upgrade --ignore-installed

If it can’t be solved

1. Restart the computer, press Command + R to enter recovery mode, click menu utility, open terminal, and enter CSR util disable

2. Restart the computer, enter normally, open [terminal] and input csrutil status

This is MacOSX 10.11 EI capital using rootlets, which can be understood as a higher level of kernel protection. The system will lock/system,/SBIN,/usr by default

This protection can be turned off by the above method

If it is not closed, it will appear when some software is installed

Operation not permitted

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