[Solved] Redis Cluster: (error) CLUSTERDOWN The cluster is down

After replacing the computer, copy the virtual machine on the original computer to the new computer, start the CentOS system on the virtual machine, and then start the redis cluster (redis5 version). It is found that the cluster can be started and the redis process can also be started, but an error is reported when connecting any node in the cluster, as shown below

To view the cluster configuration information of a single node:

It is found that the error is caused by the original cluster configuration information. You need to delete the dump.rdb and nodes.conf files under each redis instance, and then re create the cluster

Recreate the cluster:

Start 6 redis instances first

2. Enter any redis instance and execute the cluster creation command:

./redis-cli –cluster create –cluster-replicas 1

Enter yes to continue. You can see that the cluster node is created successfully

Test cluster:


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